New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 New Babylon Requiem

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The first Prince of the North Atlantic City Grid mega city was Leopold Russo an Invictus of Clan Ventrue. Master of finance in the corporate world Leopold is known for his ruthless tactics and steadfast leadership. Despite the raising populations Leopold never relented on unaligned presence being in-tolerated. Some of the Carthians saw this as a greedy dictatorship, theoretically the new Mega cities can sustain a good population of Kindred, but those of the Lacea Sanctum and Invictus supported this move with much vigor. Those caught helping them where punished and in some cases banished to the badlands. The badlands being the wilds that surrounded the Mega Cities. The Unaligned of course driven underground did fight back, though outnumbered, outgunned found themselves in a loosing battle. Despite popular grievances with them the only things distracting from complete annihilation are the constant threats of greater enemies, the Covenant of the Belial's Brood and those of VII. Belial's Brood have had its eye on New Babylon since the conception of the mega cities. Claiming the Sunken City as their domain, it has made it all but impossible to root them out. The Lacea Sanctum has set up a fortress in the New Babylon docks in response to their presence. Constantly patrolling and opting to be the domains first line of defense against these degenerates. It is a well known fact that despite the nature of the Docks Lacea Sanctum has full jurisdiction over this territory, openly supported By the Prince.

The Mega Cities are vast, unforgiving and dangerous places. The domain as a whole is far to great to be controlled solely by one Throne. for thirty year after the Conception of the Mega Cities in 2033 and past its completion in 2053 Leopold Russo reigned unopposed. To aid his rule Leopold used Regents to enforce his will. There where three Abigail Harper Invictus of Clan Deava controlled New Manhattan, John Christoph Invictus of Clan Diva controlled New Philadelphia and Saul Hunter Invictus of Clan Ventrue controlled New Babylon. For twenty years the Regents nurtured their domains, built them in their own image supported by their Prince. Non of the Regents where quiet so possessive as Saul Hunter. Being Ventrue he was always in the shadow of Leopold, always scrutinized. This build deep seeded resentments. No matter how he succeeded it never felt good enough, he never gained more of a foothold in the Covenant. Praise often went to Leopold for those he placed in power... then he snapped. In 2060 the Convention of Domains was formulated and in an unprecedented and unanimous vote of support by all of the Covenants, the Princedom of the Mega Cities would be divided. They where split  into their domains for greater safety for all Kindred. Abigail Harper maintained her control and was made Prince of New Manhattan. New Philadelphia was handed over to the Lacea Sanctum under the Makhet Prince Victor Macias. Saul Hunter was displaced when his Prince Leopold Russo took control.

For Saul Hunter this was the last blow. All his resentment exploded into rage. He was thwarted in an attempt to assassinate Leopold. Or so popular belief saw him as the guilty culprit in the failed bombing attempt. It however was never proven. Saul soon fled authorities when it became clear all fingers where pointed at him. It is unsure why a bloodhunt was never called upon him. Conspirators rumor that he has dirt on Invictus or even the Prince himself, others believe his innocence. Fact is he will never omit either way. For many years Sual was not seen, his whereabouts where a mystery. In recent night sightings of him are becoming more frequent. Again gossip is flying. Does he now have his hand with the unaligned or has he created his own Covenant... or worse has he thrown his lot in with Belial's Brood. Time will tell.

As for the state of New Babylon. The Covenants dance the macabre. Leopold is once more unopposed. The city is thriving and waiting for the next threat...
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New Babylon Requiem
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