New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 A Current History for the Freehold of New Babylon

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A Current History for the Freehold of New Babylon Empty
PostSubject: A Current History for the Freehold of New Babylon   A Current History for the Freehold of New Babylon I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 28, 2015 5:44 pm

It has been a year since the privateers became a presence within New Babylon, lead by the Elemental know as Lorek. Not much is know about their Gentry Keeper or Keepers, other than they are  patient. Watching and waiting for mistakes, to snatch back or destroy the Lost of the Seasonal Courts in the New Babylon Freehold.  They came in force striking hard, Club Utopia was the first to fall, the Spring Haunt was blown up in what the city called a “gas leak”. The Freehold came under direct attack in the Winter Siege. Casualties massed on each side in the bloody battles that followed. It was soon apparent that the Loyalist forces shared a loose alliance with an independent presence, the Witch Morbad and her goblin army. City side the privateers manipulated every contact at their disposal, turning cooperation’s and gangs against the courts. The end was almost at hand until Morbad turned her forces against Lorek devastating his chances. To this day no one understands what happened. Perhaps she was making a statement of her power to all parties, perhaps she intended to use the war to weaken both sides enough to gain more control over valuable territory within the hedge. What ever the case Morbad and her Goblins remain a strong threat to any that stray into what she claims as hers.

Spring was hit the hardest. Having lost their king in the early stages of the initial attacks. Utopia being destroyed many employed there where killed. The Sisters sacrificed themselves to bring valuable Intel that saved countless warriors of Summer.  Making the Spring Revel even more meaningful in this small freehold, a celebration of survival as well as new hope and growth. In the last few months Spring finally chose a new Queen giving spring a little more hope, the popular Jasmine was selected by the season as its new queen. Clarissa who suffered with the loss of her sister Jynx in the war was made her Herald.

Summer lost a lot of good warriors. Rend the King of Summer never lost a battle that he was present for. He was relentless, ruthless. The Pack has deserving earned their scars. Not much has changed for them other than the war never ends and they revel in it. Rend has set up a  task force to investigate and neutralize city side threats, agents of the Privateers. Led my the little Wizened Bobby.

Autumn gained back some of its lost respect. It was not the front lines they made their stance, it was through their knowledge and foresight that tipped the balance and safeguarded the survival of the Freehold. The Autumn Queen Yvari set her agents to discover the truth behind the Hedge winter, the Onyx Stone, and in the finial battle which saw Morbad show her true colors the Stone finally was destroyed. City side, The Witch of the Bitter Wind Selene became instrumental creating balance. Through an unexpected alliance with the Vampires saw New Babylon safeguarded. Her work put the freehold back on an even footing with the city corporations and minions that was used against them. Her knowledge helped Yvari's agents destroy the Stone that fueled Lorek's power. Club Sin and Riviera now stand as safe haven for Lost and Vampire alike. Through Selene the alliance holds but there are always those out to destroy it or take advantage.

Winter has become synonymous with the near destruction of the New Babylon Freehold. They where blamed for dropping the ball and not working hard enough to spot the threat before it had a chance to take root. The Winter King Kail is as distant as he was before, which leaves the questions still unanswered. Where where winter's spies? How did they not know about the Onyx Stone as winter was used against them.  Very little confidence is left in them and still they do not comment.

The Current situation is grim. The war has entered a new phase. A cold war now looms over the Lost of all sides. Guerrilla tactics and sabotage are used when the chance of loss is low. Neither side willing to step aside nor give up. Other supernatural presences within the city will not tolerate open war that brings unwanted attention.  Its a numbers game both sides now suffering. Danger is present on every corner. The Goblin Markets stands as neutral ground but outside its reach it makes a simple trip very dangerous. The Vampires “suggest” the Lost of the freehold take into consideration the Masquerade. Out of all they will not tolerate unnecessary attention when they are near.
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A Current History for the Freehold of New Babylon
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