New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 Time Line of Events

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2013 - The first cases of H5N2 Influenza appear in northwestern China, symptoms resemble those of regular flu, mortality rates are next to zero but contagion rates are very high, especially among the elderly and young. Pope Francis calls for a Reformation of the Catholic Church in an attempt to leave the mistakes of the past behind. His message is well received among the faithful and a period of introspection begins. Hurricane Maria devastates the United States and Mexico's Gulf coast, it is the strongest hurricane in recorded history. The population begins to take scientists seriously while many turn to religion.

2014 - After remaining dormant for a few months, a mutated version of the H5N2 virus is activated, spreading fast across Asia. Mortality rate starts to rise as the first cases are spotted on the West Coast. With global warming becoming more obvious, the sea level starts to rise faster, causing concern across the international scientific community. Estimates predict a rise of nine metres in a period of three years.

2015 - Pandemic Phase 6 is declared as the death toll for the mutated H5N2 breaks the 500 mark in Asia, 1000 world wide. Pope Francis is assassinated in Vatican City before he can complete his work. Across the ocean, Tacex Corp is blamed for political tampering in yet another scandal involving corporations. A young and charismatic cardinal is elected as Pope Pius XIV and the Catholic Church sees an influx of practitioners due to climate destabilisation and pandemic outbreaks.

2016 - The new virus, dubbed Mega Flu by the media, spreads on every continent. The death toll breaks 1 billion and martial law is declared across numerous countries. Hurricane Frida, Thomas, and Spike devastates the American gulf and east coasts, plunging the country into greater turmoil as it has still not recovered fully from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria a few years back. Hundreds of thousands of people die, New Orleans and Galveston Texas are wiped out. Many turn to religion, while private research centers across the globe start looking for the means to counter the climatic change and its effects.

2018 - Low laying coastal cities across the globe are declared emergency zones as widespread flooding hampers trade, transportation, and economic stability. Global sea levels are now ten meters higher than two years earlier.

2019 - The UN is officially dissolved, plunging the world into a period of political chaos that will last for decades. Tensions across the globe begin to rise as all pretence of civility quickly fades in favour of old hatreds.

2020 - On Christmas Eve, Vatican scientists discover a working vaccine for Mega Flu. By the time it is distributed to the affected areas, the world population has been reduced to a bit over two billion people.

2021 - Pope Pius XIV earns the Nobel Peace Prize for the Church's contribution to the world. Calls for canonisation bolster numbers in the Catholic faith to heights not seen in centuries.

2022 - A period of drought that lasted for years finally comes to an end. Among the affected areas are the American Mid West, Russia and Europe. Crops worldwide are diminished significantly.

2027 - The first cybernetic implants for military use as the growing mega corps seek to capitalise on the growing tensions between countries. While buggy, they are quickly accepted by armies across the globe.

2029 - World War III is officially declared as all major global powers turn on each other, dissolving old alliances and forming new ones. Millions die in the first day of hostilities between superpowers.

2031 - The second generation of cybernetics is released, while the black market thrives in war torn zones and among those looking for an edge in areas devastated by the climatic change.

2032 – Refugee camps over flow as millions flee Nuclear fall out and Natural disaster zones across the United States. Resources stretched desperately thin in surviving cities as The Atlantic City Grid project is formulated due to severe over populating of remaining Metro areas.

2033 - Construction of the Mega Cities begins. The ever growing demand for better soldiers drives research in the fields of stem cells, bio-engineering and bio-augmentation. Unemployment rate drops due to a relocation schemes, factory increases, and construction projects through out the United States. New housing offered to families of construction workers once the Mega Cities are complete.

2034 – Crime becomes rampant in the newly formed construction camps. Privatisation of the Police Force passed to help combat the growing problem. Corporations take over upholding the law through out the Mega City construction zones.

2036 – The Atlantic Sea Wall along the shore of each city is erected to combat the continued rise of the sea level, and resulting floods.

2042– Corporations land sale begins to help raise money for the continuing construction on the Mega Cities. Plans for Corporate Island Revealed, along with plans for a massive naval base right next to the Corporate Island. Massive protests happen across the districts due to fear of a new Military State.

2043 - The first laws are passed, giving mega corps sovereignty and the right to protect their installations with private armies. Entire countries in South America are bought by corporations and used as research grounds. Fire breaks out on the Military Island Project causing Millions of Dollars worth of damage and pushing the project back. The Project saved by anonymous donations and large financial backing. Rumour and speculation spreads of Corporate backhands to keep the project alive.

2045 - Using his growing popularity, a dying Pope Francis II states the world in the second Dark Ages as Corporations take advantage of impoverished citizens and countries, establishing Mega Corporations.

2047 - With the third World War now officially over, cybernetics and bioware become available to the public, giving a better quality of life for recipients of Top Grade Enhancements. Global sea level is officially measured at 38 metres higher than recent years and has been stable at that level for nearly two decades. Mega Corps have already purchased the rights to submerged lands.

2049 - An international black market ring for third rate enhancements is disbanded by the authorities but military grade implants can be found in most countries for the right price.

2051 - The Russian Prime Minister is assassinated and rumours say the mafiya now secretly controls several aspects of the Russian Government, including the vast network of research facilities. Construction on New Babylon is complete, after several long years and numerous setbacks.

2053 – The ACG Project completed, People flock to the Mega Cities seeing them as the new American Dream. What people find is a better alternative than where they came from, but living stacked atop one another in the lower income towers that stretch across the city is far from the Dream they were promised.

2055 – The demand for housing, logistics, and law enforcement forces the RFID system. Only those with this ID can gain access to housing and resources with in the ACG. A RFID application list is formulated controlled by Human Resources of each City District. RFID controls everything. A Persons life can be accessed on their RFID. Months after the first RFID chips go active, the first RFID crimes occur.

2056 - Fake RFID hit the market. Criminal Syndicates expand rapidly due to the growing demand. Calls for harsh punishments for any found with a fake RFID are passed rapidly through Government channels, installation of RFID checkpoints between districts initiated.

2058 - Church calls for anti abortion laws to help repopulate the planet. Wide spread protests occur on either side of the debate, and just months after its call the reform is crushed through popular voting. Right-wing Religious protests cause millions of dollars in damages to medical and research facilities.

2061 – Terrorists take control of the Center of Decease Control in Atlanta. The Anti contamination protocols destroy half the city in the ensuing explosion. Despite the death toll some micro organisms where released. Atlanta and its surrounding areas where quarantined. The Georgia wall was rapidly built trapping survivors within. Among these organisms was a mutated and weaponized version of the Mega Flu. Sons of the Way claim responsibility for the attack, claiming to purify their souls through sacrifice of their enemies. Honouring their deity and pave the way for his entry back into the world, an Ancient Mayan Death god.

2063 - A passenger ship is attacked by Pirates while it sailed across the Gulf of Mexico on its way to ACG South. When the Coast Guard stormed the ship they found the crew and passengers murdered. The Sons of the Way Claimed responsibility for this attack, as well as several other attacks that left hundreds dead. Bombing and Murder racked South and North America making them the most hunted cult in history. No arrests where made as members always seemed one step ahead of authorities.

2064 – The Sons of the Way claimed that Mok Chi was born into the world, claiming him as an Antichrist. They threatened the death of Christianity. Despite claims no proof was put forward of a so called divine birth. Though the search for the baby began. The Sons of the Way retreated in to the Amazon Basin.

2065 - The Virtual Net, or simply the Net goes live, Virtual Reality becomes reality after a long wait. Users can fully immerse themselves into VR, or they can continue to use current technologies for accessing the Net. Crime on the Net runs rampant almost right away as the interface brings people closer to a mass networked infrastructure of technology. Combined with RFID, the Net gives people access to everything in their lives at the simple touch of a VR Interface Icon.

2068 - Mexican Government sacked after decades of war with Cartels and Warlords, the country devolves into a lawless anarchy state as the top groups in power fight for dominance.

2070 - Spectre Unit goes live, a special task force of Pexten Technologies and a private police force, tasked with routing out Elite Hacker cells and Net criminals. Quickly there are whispers of corruption and ulterior motives within Pexten and the company itself is put down entirely, a subsidiary of a larger Conglomerate that settled quickly out of Legal Courts to avoid negative press for their other subsidiaries.

2073 - Spectre Unit reassembles under the leading Law Enforcement agency in existence, Ivory Tower Associates. The new Unit is tasked with the same agenda as its failed predecessor.

2074 - Net Terrorism is born, at first its major Hacker Cells exploiting weaknesses in Net security, then the first instances of Net Homicide occur, hacking the very mind of users online. Technology companies rush to defend their users, and more importantly their assets. Thousands die in a system wide crash that Hacker Cells all claim credit for as one unified front.

2076 - The Net is restructured with further Security Measures, Protocol applications are established to police the net autonomously via Police Software and Utilities. Two more Mega City are set to be constructed in St Louis Missouri and Denver Colorado, and the Capital of the United States is moved to Denver Colorado.

2079 - The initiative to reclaim the American West Coast is devised. The initiative will begin to cultivate the remaining land on the West Coast regions still suitable for habitation. At the same time, Scientist begin examining the Fallout zones left by Nuclear strikes.

2081 - Reports begin to surface that exploration of the waste zones are complete failures, with loss of life. Whole Science teams go missing in the Fallout areas. Countries around the world begin to become more Isolationist in Nature, trade still occurs, but borders are closed to immigration on a wide scale, communication slows to a crawl as national Nets close off communication with other countries and Geographical areas.

2085 - Stabilization of the West Coast continues, small communities begin to prosper in the North West regions of Washington and Oregon. Seismic activity still persists, but new building practices assist with the constant movement of the ground. Larger communities are not a realistic venture as of yet, until Tectonic activity reduces on a larger scale.

2088 - Military teams search the Fallout zones near Chicago and Milwaukee, finding what is classified as Mutated populations. This consists not only of human population, but animal and fauna populations as well. Further reports of Mutated animals is counted in other locations of the country, where odd and unclassified animals are being spotted in various regions.

2090 - Scientific reports suggest a rise of what is being classified as Psychic potential in the population of the United States. Skeptics denounce these findings, but scientific research numbers are given to support the claims. Mystics and Spiritualists across the Country claim that the Age of Aquarius has surged the psychic potential in people and a new dawn is coming for the Human Race. These people are of course referred to as crackpots and quickly brushed aside by the general ruling class.

2093 - Organized Pirate activity begins to take its toll on shipments coming into New Manhattan and Babylon, raiders striking out from sunken cities along the coast fuel the demand for a water based police force, Ivory Tower Associates answers the call and deploys a net of Law Enforcement ships along the coastal regions by the Mega Cities.

2095 - RFID checkpoints are established along travel routes between districts and Mega City routes, Ivory Tower Associates deploy Law Watchers, or just commonly called Watchers, through the Districts as the standard Law Enforcement Agent. The Church continues its influence over world politics, and Catholicism is the widest spread religion in the world.
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Time Line of Events
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