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This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 The Eerie City

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Located on the shores of Lake Eeire and the Trode Junction. The Harbor town of Eerie City is a hive of merchant activity and everything that goes with it. The Victorian inspired architectures is a tribute from Hedge's long history of the human slaves trade.  Age old architects stolen from the world to help develop these trade cities.

The City is currently controlled by Duke Hargile, a Hobgoblin enrapture that sprung up from the Shipping Guild that controls most of the surrounding territory.

City Politics
Each controlling body of Eerie has had its own unique laws. Current ruling is a dictatorship. What the Duke says goes. Elders of the Guild have the right to request or provide council the Duke. The Duke has appointed lords that oversee the running of the city.

Guilds played an important role in Eerie, guaranteeing standards and rites amongst the different crafts and are governed by a laws. Each city has a Guild house and more across the city.

  • Those that work within Eerie must be members of a guild or hold a contract with one.
  • The Guilds are not outside the laws of the city authority.
  • Guilds are justified in carrying out their own justice as long as it falls within the laws of the city.
  • Guilds must have representation withing the city authority


  • The Duke rules though his City Guard. A Rag tag militia that comprises of anyone one or type with the guts to do the job.
  • The Slave trade is strong. Eerie has its own Slave Markets that run from the Docks. To steal a slave is punishable by death. Escaped slaves are dealt with on a case by case basis but can result in death.
  • Murder is a lesser crime, if it is a justifiable killing not many take much notice.
  • Theft holds harsh punishments, depending on who you steal from. It is not quiet as deadly or feared as theft from the Goblin Markets. There is rumored that a Thieves Guild exists, but if you ask about it you will get shunted away.
  • A Lords word is final. To go against it or to strike a Lord the punishment can be death.

Guild Types

  • Merchants - Trade & Markets.
  • Apothecaries - Science, Healing and the Occult.
  • Crafters - Arts & Craft: Sowing, dying, jewelry ect.
  • Framers - Agriculture.
  • Miners - Mining.
  • Transport - On Sea, Land and Air.
  • Armorers - Weapons and Armour.
  • Assassins - Guild of death.
  • Thieves  - Secret Underworld of Eerie.
  • Brewers - Taverns and brewing.

There are three main districts in Eerie.

  • Docklands - The dark dingy and most dangerous part of the city. Places of Interest include: The Watchtower is a makeshift prison. The Slavers have The Hold. Guild Houses include Transport, Brewers, Miners and Thieves.

  • The Hive - Those lucky enough to hold residence in the city reside here. This is the Red Light District a labyrinth of back streets that hold some of the smallest darkest and dingiest establishments. Places of Interest includes: Madam Jillards Brothel houses. More Taverns. Guild Houses include Assassins and Framers.

  • The Enlightened - This is the district of research and development, healing and trade. This is the main retail sector. Places of Interest include The Great Library (this is not so much just books, it is where the Duke holds his collections from the Hedge.) The City Markets are held every day. Guild Houses include: Merchant, Apothecaries, Craft and Armorers.
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The Eerie City
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