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 Goblins Fortune Contract

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These Contracts are a subset of Goblin Contracts that are specifically focused on paying a permanent cost for a substantial permanent benefit. Knowledge of these Contracts' price is inherent in learning them. Each changeling must decide what goals are worth permanently giving up part of themselves. Although each of these Contracts has a catch, using this catch only removes the Glamour cost that must be paid to use the Contract. The loss of Willpower dots or other permanent Traits cannot be removed by using the Contract's catch and is an inherent and unchangeable part of the Contract.

Though they are grouped into general paths, these are still Goblin Contracts, and are not considered chained for purposes of purchasing them with experience points.

These Contracts impart some significant blessing or curse upon the target and can either protect the target from some doom or cause a significant calamity. Succeeding in any of these Contracts automatically causes the changeling to permanently lose one dot of Willpower. By spending eight experience points, the changeling can regain this lost dot of Willpower.

[ 1 ] Fortune's Favor ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 117 )

The changeling can extend or withdraw Fortune's Favor to any single dice roll. This Contract can be cast reflexively as the roll is made, but before the dice have been rolled, or the character can use it ahead of time, whenever the character knows the roll will be made. The character can use this Contract to affect any single roll, and can either specify general conditions such as having this Contract affect the next attack upon the character or more specific conditions such as the next attack the character makes on one of the Gentry or the next attack on the character by someone wielding a weapon that does aggravated damage. Using this Contract costs the changeling a permanent dot of Willpower.

Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 dot of Willpower

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd

Action: Instant

Catch: The character is using this Contract to protect a close friend from harm.

Dramatic Failure: The character loses one dot of Willpower and gains nothing in return.

Failure: The Contract fails, and the desired roll is unaffected.

Success: The character can cause a single desired roll to either gain the rote quality (reroll any failed dice once) or to become a chance roll. The character could pick a lock or drive in a high-speed care chase through heavy traffic with consummate skill, or cause the driver of the car pursuing him in the high-speed chase to drive exceptionally poorly.

Exceptional Success: Any roll the character gives the rote quality to also gains the 8 again quality. In any chance roll, the target must roll the chance die twice and take the worse of the two rolls.

Suggested Modifiers: The character is using the roll to cause someone else to come to harm (-1); The character is using this Contract in advance of the roll being made (+1).

[ 2 ] Fortune's Swift Blessing ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 117 )

The character can avert disaster and guarantee exceptional success, if she's willing to pay the cost.

Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 dot of Willpower

Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd

Action: Reflexive

Catch: The character is using this Contract when she strikes a blow against a sworn enemy.

Dramatic Failure: The character loses one dot of Willpower and gains nothing in return.

Failure: The Contract fails, and the desired roll is unaffected.

Success: The character can reflexively transform a single chance roll into a normal roll where he rolls his normal dice pool. If used upon a roll that is not a chance roll, this Contract automatically transforms that roll into an exceptional success, where the character obtains five successes. If used upon an extended action, this roll provides five successes toward the target number. The character can use this Contract to affect her own rolls and the rolls of any character who she can see clearly.

Exceptional Success: A chance roll becomes a normal roll at the character's full dice pool, with an added bonus equal to the character's Wyrd. A normal, non-chance roll gains a total of 10 successes for normal and extended actions.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling cannot clearly see the character making the roll (-1); The changeling is fighting a duel or other prearranged battle (+1).

[ 3 ] Fortune's Bane ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 118 )

If the changeling is willing to make the sacrifice, she can curse a target with vast ill luck until the sun next sets or rises.

Cost: 2 Glamour + 1 dot of Willpower

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Subterfuge vs. Resolve + Wyrd

Action: Instant and contested

Catch: The target has publicly lied about the changeling in an effort to turn public or official opinion against her.

Dramatic Failure: The character loses one dot of Willpower and gains nothing in return.

Failure: The Contract fails, and the target's luck is unaffected.

Success: Until the sun next rises or sets, the target is cursed with horrible luck. Every roll that the target makes is automatically a failure. The only exceptions are rolls on which the target makes an exceptional success. Under the influence of this curse, an exceptional success is treated as a single normal success, while every other roll becomes a failure. This curse subtracts no dice from the target's dice pool, and so a roll made under this curse is no more likely to be a chance roll. However, if the target does have to make a chance roll, this roll is a normal failure if the target rolls an 8 or higher and a dramatic failure of the target rolls any lesser number. All of these failures seem perfectly ordinary and explainable, but the target does appear to be suffering from a combination of exceptionally bad luck and a temporary lack of either skill or attention. To use this Contract on a target, the changeling must either touch the target or look at him clearly from no more than Wyrd feet away.

Exceptional Success: The curse continues to affect the target for three full days.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling does not know the target's name (-2); The changeling is touching the target (+2).

[ 4 ] Distracting The Hounds ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 118 )

The character creates a "coincidental" distraction that allows her and her companions to escape any pursuit or even to break off combat and escape without fear of attack.

Cost: 3 Glamour + 1 dot of Willpower

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Stealth (- pursuer's Wyrd)

Action: Instant

Catch: The changeling is being pursued by hobgoblins.

Dramatic Failure: The character loses one dot of Willpower but does not succeed in escaping from her attackers or pursuers.

Failure: The Contract fails, and the character fails to escape but also does not lose any Willpower or Glamour.

Success: Your character and a number of companions equal to twice her Wyrd can escape from any pursuit or confrontation. The characters' pursuers or opponents are all completely distracted for five minutes per success rolled. If the character and her companions are out of their sight once this distraction ends, then the pursuers are unable to locate the characters or find any traces of their passage. These pursuers may continue to search for the characters, but the pursuers lack any information about the characters' current whereabouts. In addition to making the characters able to flee pursuit, this Contract works equally well if the characters are surrounded by a group of pursuers who are closing in for attack or even in the midst of a combat. However, this Contract automatically fails if any of the characters protected by this Contract attacks one of their pursuers or attackers while they are distracted. This Contract works on any number of pursuers and on anyone from the police to the Gentry. However, if any of the pursuers or attackers are changelings or True Fae, subtract the highest Wyrd of the pursuers from the roll. The nature of the distraction produced by this Contract is up to the Storyteller. It could be anything from the pursuers being called to a more urgent matter to a mistaken report that the characters are either decoys or unimportant or even simply all of the pursuers becoming frightened, distracted or mistaking the situation so that they briefly pause and look around them.

Exceptional Success: The pursuers or attackers are distracted for one hour, and after this time, the pursuers lose all interest in pursuing the characters. If the pursuers either have an excellent reason to continue to pursuit or are compelled to do so, perhaps because the characters are wanted fugitives, the pursuit continues but becomes desultory and is regarded as a relatively low priority. However, if the characters attack their pursuers or otherwise call negative attention to themselves, the effects of this Contract instantly end and pursuing the characters again becomes an important priority.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling or one of her companions has already caused at least one of the pursuers or attacks to suffer at least one point of aggravated damage (-2); The changeling and one of her companions have done no damage to any of the attackers or pursuers during the pursuit or attack (+2).

[ 5 ] Recalling The Lost ( Rites Of Spring -- Page 119 )

When needed, freedom from torment can be the greatest of blessings. The character can call back someone recently abducted by the Fae. The changeling can call back only someone who has been abducted within the last week. The longer the person has been gone, the more difficult he is to recover. This Contract can be performed only if the changeling can see and touch the victim's fetch.

Cost: 4 Glamour + 2 dots of Willpower

Dice Pool: Wyrd + Occult

Action: Extended. The number of successes necessary to activate this Contract is equal to twice the number of days the abducted person has been gone. Each roll requires one turn, and the Contract is activated on the turn in which the target number of successes if reached or exceeded. The Glamour cost for the Contract must be paid the turn the first roll is made. Performing any other action cancels the Contract. However, any Glamour expenditures are not recovered. However, the dots of Willpower are paid only if the Contract is successful. If the changeling abandons the attempt before it succeeds, she does not lose any Willpower.

Catch: The changeling is using the Contract to rescue a child younger than seven years old.

Dramatic Failure: The victim remains in Arcadia, but the fetch dies in a manner that looks as if the changeling beat the fetch to death.

Failure: The Contract fails, the victim remains in Faerie and the fetch is unharmed.

Success: The changeling speaks loudly to the fetch and, at the climax of the ritual, grabs the fetch, who is rendered unable to move by the power of the ritual. The changeling shakes the fetch and throws her through a portal into Arcadia that opens at the culmination of this Contract. An instant later, the abducted person falls through the portal, alive, unharmed and still mortal, but almost certainly very confused. In some cases, the fetch either pleads with the changeling not to send her to Faerie or cries for help, but once the changeling has begun using this Contract, the fetch can do nothing other than speak. The instant the changeling succeeds in opening the portal into Arcadia and throwing the fetch through, he permanently gives up two dots of Willpower.

Exceptional Success: The power of the ritual is sufficient that it prevents anyone outside of the immediate vicinity of the changeling and the fetch from hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary, including any sounds of struggle or cries for help. Also, the rescued victim may or may not remember what happened, but is not traumatized by the event.

Suggested Modifiers: The changeling is being paid to save the target (-1); The target is a blood relative of the changeling (+1).
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Goblins Fortune Contract
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