New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 The Story to Date

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It has been almost 100 years since the Technocracy won the final battle. The Traditions of old suffered the final extinction of their kind. The last tradition Mage alive was a Verbena named Cerredwen. Though murdered she was not without her revenge. Faith was the key to halting the tide of the Technocracy, so faith is where she hid the seed. Where there is death there is birth, where there is decay there is growth. Carredwen knew the Technocracy could kill the vessel but they could never truly contain the spirit.  Her Acolytes formed the Cult of Ascension, dedicated to the mystic arts and the knowledge there of. As time passed they grew, spread through out the world seeking out those destined to Awaken before the Technocracy could find them. The Cult protected the the new magi until strong enough to seek their own way. It was always Carredwens vision for past mistakes never to be repeated. Those reborn where given a chance to reform, to challenge. Only being given fragments of knowledge's past so they could create new ways, new rituals and ideas. As the new Generation found its feet, so the new traditions where born and with them the Pentacle Orders that would stand against their enemies. Providing new philosophies that would guide  the magi. The Lex Magica laws were written to help safeguard Mage society after the formation of of The Consilium in 2034 that replaced the Council of Nine.

The War rages on...
As the world settled into a new era of tech and religion, the Technocracy both grew in power and lost ground with the masses gripped by its unflinching faith in the church, with this came old superstitions that reopened the flood gates of magic and wonder they so desperately tried to wipe out.

The Virtual Net provided those who embraced technology with a way to deliver free information. Wars on corporate control reached a new level. It allowed The Free Council to come in to its own. Their hackers now had a chance to delve deeper than petty theft and political whining. They explored this new realm and mastered it. They found ways to use it against the Technocrats, to make sure the information remained free and flowing. The order grew tenfold as new mages flocked to it. The Free Council moved from one of ridicule and resentment to a leading power that was respected in this growing future.

Around the late 2080's a group of mage radicals claiming to be of The Free Council changed the face of the wild world forever, though they seemed far to organized to pull off such an effective plan alone. These radicals targeted The Progenitors of the Technocracy. Breaking into genetic research facilities and setting free the mutated and enhanced beasts created in these labs. The most extreme cases where put down the rest set on the wilds. It was impossible to clean up, the creatures hid, bred and exploded into the world. The Consilium condemned this move, and those responsible where severally punished. Some believe The Free Council where used as scapegoats to pull down their growing power and popularity amongst the younger magi. The Councilors at the time restricted information of this incident claiming to protect the identity of the guilty. None could deny the results. The dangers they released was absolute. But though the Wilds became a dangerous place even for the Technocrats to venture, corporations where forced to reevaluate the worth of land based projects allowing the Communities a chance to take root. To cap all that off despite the worlds explanation of mutation through nuclear pollution and so forth, there was a lot who believed it was more. Divine, a punishment, conspiracies.. magic and so on. Either way the results stood for themselves.

Each District of the Mega Cities have held their own Consilium. Mini courts to propagate their own survival. They share knowledge and activities via Heralds mostly. Though the Virtual Net has been growing in popularity as a safer option, threatening to overshadow the office of Herald. In some Consiliums this has become a reality. Not in New Babylon...

For the last several years The hierarchy of New Babylon has been a Obrimos of the Silver Arrow by the name of Orion Roe. A man strong in his own faith and known for his connections within the church. Orion has been a strong leader, some condemning him as a warmongering fanatic that will see the destruction of the Consilium. He has in fact a reputation of being wise, stern but fair. Listening to the Council but not afraid to put his foot down. Orion has been know to clash with The Free Council regularly, who accuse him of holding archaic beliefs that will deny advancing technology, in favor for military strong-arming, he barely tolerates them. Orion sees technology as a evil vice released by the Technocrats as a tool to bring about their destruction. Ideally he would rather avoid technology and the Virtual Net than harness it. Orion makes sure the Free Council are denied positions such as Sentinels and Heralds so they can be monitored. But only a fool will deny technology completely in this world, as such The Free Council still have their role.  This fear and mistrust spread by those like Orion has forced loyal Consilium Members underground. Not working against the Council, Tech Cabals secretly conduct their work away from the scrutiny of the Guardians of the Veil and Silver Arrow who often find in return their dirty laundry splashed out for all to read.

Despite the inner political squabbling the system balances out. The laws hold strong as does the unity of the Members. Everyone understands the stakes, one weak link will bring the Technocracy down upon everyone. Victory is but a dream that will realistically never come to fruition so hope and determination have become the strongest tools for survival.
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The Story to Date
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