New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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"You resist me? I, who have walked through fire without being burned? I see through your wards and unravel them with a word. Do not dare defy me."

Favored Resistance Attribute: Resolve

Rulling Arcana: Forces / Prime

Inferior Arcana: Death

Legacies: Perfected Adept, Thrice-Great, Tamer of Fire

Concepts: Soldier of God, terrorist, martial artist, hyper-disciplined scholar of philology, Awakened cop, defender of the weak, contemporary inquisitor, enforcer, neighborhood hero, uncompromising zealot, monster hunter

Summary: Theurgists on the Path of the Mighty, Scions of the Watchtower of the Golden Key in the Realm of the Aether, Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres and Abode of Angels.

Mages who Awaken with a connection to the Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres often recall their Awakening as being struck by divine lightning and becoming the thunder. With no warning and no clear understanding of why, they are overcome with the absolute certainty that they are the champions of the Divine though how they define "the Divine" seems to vary drastically. Some feel the Divine to be a patriarchal god of judgment. Others sense the Divine as a manifestation of immanent Nature, while still others feel it to be an ongoing sentient process of self-aware coincidence. Whatever they feel the Divine to be -- and many take years trying to discern just what force it is they serve the Mighty all agree that they were Awakened to serve as Its warriors.

Ultimately, no particular faith unites mages on the Path of the Mighty. It is their shared conviction in doing the right thing, fighting the good fight, and making the will of the Divine manifest on Earth (and elsewhere). Obrimos are committed to doing what they see as just and right for the greater good. As they see it, the world has lost its way, and they have been charged with putting it back on track by any means necessary. Others associate them with the tarot card of "Strength," wielding an indomitable will with unwavering purpose.

This sense of divine right gives the Obrimos a confidence that is hard to shake. They suffer from self-doubt less than most others and frequently suffer from a rather ironic case of hubris. An Obrimos mage is aware that the world is made of energy and magic, and he's been given the right to wield it. Lacking any direct communique from a divine being, many come to the conclusion that their own wills are the divine will. What they say goes, even if it conflicts with what another mage says even another Obrimos.


The Adamantine Arrow is ideal for Obrimos. It is the most warlike of the orders and Theurges' talents (not to mention temperaments) are ideally suited to waging war. Many Obrimos (those who appreciate the security of a well-defined hierarchy) also find themselves drawn to the Silver Ladder.

Some Obrimos join the Free Council because they seek to bring their Forces magic into the present with the power of science. Others join the Guardians of the Veil to act as the high-powered defenders of the Mysteries. Those who join the Mysterium usually do so in order to seek out lore that will make them better artificers or to find material components for some manner of imbued weapon they intend to build.


Obrimos tend to maintain well-groomed appearances. Their preferred clothing is usually just loose enough to grant freedom of motion without getting in the way. Those working with other mages may wear some form of signifier of office or rank to show where they stand, though such adornment is often so subtle that it can easily go unnoticed by those not looking for it.


Those on the Path of the Mighty have two sorts of sanctums: Citadels and cloisters. Citadels are sanctums in conflict zones and are chosen with defensibility in mind. They are often enhanced with entire arrays of magical defenses and may contain armories of specially prepared weapons.

While the word "citadel" suggests a large looming structure, that's rarely the case in the modern world. In theory, a properly prepared and warded mobile home or apartment could be a citadel, as could a cave, a sacred grove, a skyscraper or a private jet.

Cloisters are sanctums in relatively peaceful areas where a mage goes to study, meditate, or pray. Unlike citadels, cloisters usually are large, looming structures -- hangers, monasteries, hermitages. A cloister usually contains either a library or other experienced mages from whom the Obrimos can learn.


The only common denominator that joins mages on the Obrimos Path is a deep familiarity with conflict. Those who become Obrimos are fighters and survivors, well acquainted with struggle. The presence or depth of their religious beliefs prior to Awakening appears to have no bearing on their Awakening at all. An atheist is just as likely to Awaken on this Path as is a rabbi or other devout individual. This can be especially confusing to those with a dogmatic (or nonexistent) concept of the Divine, and some Obrimos spend many years trying to come to terms with their new roles in the world.

Character Creation

Mages on the Obrimos Path frequently specialize in one area or another, and are equally likely to have any Attribute category as their primary. Those who fancy themselves natural-born leaders may cultivate Social Attributes. Those who envision themselves divine warriors likely have Physical Attributes as their primary. Those who see themselves as generals in the war on the enemy may focus on Mental Attributes and approach the struggle from a strategic or scholarly perspective.

Obrimos often begin with or accrue very high Willpower scores, a reflection of the robust self-confidence possessed by these agents of the Divine.

The mages of the Golden Key hold up Justice as their ideal Virtue. The most disavowed (yet insidiously common) Vice is Pride.


"Enlightening." Things become self-luminous, seeming to glow from within, and the air becomes charged with energy, accompanied by the smell of burning ozone or unseen smoke. Everything seems to be preordained, divinely chosen. With powerful magic, a distant choir might be heard.


Obrimos have a thing for hierarchy. If there are two in a room, they need to determine who out-ranks whom. If several Obrimos work together, they all want an organizational chart to show who falls where in the chain of command and who is responsible for what. A single Obrimos may wear many hats, depending on how many groups with which he works.
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