New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 A Dark Future For Sin Eaters

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With the return of faith the Catholic Church became one of the biggest corporations in the World. Or that is the way the sinners see it. Religion is strong in every walk of life, Church and State are often not as separate as some would admit.

Throughout history wars where fought in the name of a god. People slaughtered each other because of differing faith. The world has not changed that much. The world is rife with Cults and religious indoctrinations.  Be it Hindu, Incan, Catholic or Satanic or even Voodoo the war of rights rages.

The Culture of the Sin Eaters are not much better. Everyone has their view on death and life there after. The separate ethos of Krews take revelry sometimes beyond wars of words.  Any two krewes (groups of sin-eaters) will usually take on very different philosophies. Usually krewes stay out of each others way, except when there are disputes about territory, or when philosophical difference are so great that conflict cannot be avoided. For the most part, however, the krewes are content to ignore each other as long as they keep to their own sides. This is not the case for Sacrosanct. Sacrosanct krewes are fanatical believers, seeing their way as the only way, and viewing other krewes as dangerous cults that must be stopped. They will even hunt down and kill krewes with beliefs similar to their own, because they believe theirs is the true channel, and the other is being influenced by demons in disguise.

In New Babylon the Followers are the strongest. Based on staunch Catholic beliefs they will often manipulate hunters and kill anything that they see as abhorrent to humanity. This includes other Supernaturals and Psychics who they see as offspring of Abmortals.

Abmortals can be made from any number of means, most of which are unknown. An abmortal is a person who, either by accident or through some dark ritual, has become immortal and lost its humanity. Most sustain this status by killing others in their place. Some have even been known to make slaves out of the ghosts of their victims. Each abmortal kills its victims in a different way, according to the ritual that grants it immortality. Most abmortals can be killed by interference with their ritual. However, other times a quicker way to deal with the abmortal must be found to stop the deaths. Coming into the world as they do, most abmortals are ignorant of the supernatural world in general.

The Followers are not  Sacrosanct but they can often be just as bad. Lead by the Founders Mary Catherine a Advocate of the Silent. Brother Matthew a Reaper of the Torn and Father Michaels a Gatekeeper of the Striken.  They are a Two Tier Krewe. They Tolerate other Krewes as long as they respect Cannon Law. They see it as their duty to protect the Avernian Gates, mortals and even other Sin Eaters that have gained a standing with in their domain. The Followers hunt and kill  Sacrosanct krewes when ever they emerge. An ongoing problem currently as there is a growing  Sacrosanct cult calling themselves The True Brotherhood. A death cult that emerged from the fall of Atlanta. Its member’s usually come from the Silent, Stricken and Prey. The True Brotherhood are borderline terrorists, death and disease follow them where ever they go. Not much is know about them. Sin Eathers that get to close to them are destroyed, Krewes often kill this cult on sight. The Followers believe listening to them will bring nothing but corruption and confusion. They are the true Fallen.  

The characters will find themselves those on the outer circle to The Followers. Neither accepted nor hated. This is the time to work the angles, survive and share the underworld and this city all the while hopping to  stay off the radar of Sacrosanct krewes and other nasties in the shadows.  

Life is not all down trodden and being forced to obey the largest krewe in town. Marcus Amarite a Necromancer of the Forgotten and millionaire to the district is tolerated for his money and connections in the Mortal world as well as his power in the Underworld. Marcus sees things a little differently. He donates to the Twilight Network and runs the Death Markets.

The Death Markets are a very similar concept to the Goblin Markets within Changeling society. It is a macabre  place filled with oddities of the occult and the dead. Mementos are often traded here as are many other artifacts and literature. The markets are open to all not just Sin Eaters. Even mortals can be seen wondering through the stalls.. if they are in the know enough to find them.  

No real laws govern the markets, though Marcus does have eyes and ears everywhere. Those that earn bans do not take the chance of returning. Being haunted is no joke.  The Markets are located down a private corridor leading off from the underground Smugglers Cove. (This is very Harry Potter. Diagon Alley) or can be accessed through an Avernian Gate.

Within the Markets is a Book/Internet Cafe called Pulse is a haunt for those looking for a quiet gossip or time to rest the weary. Run by Alison Finn just a human with a few tricks up her sleeve. But that is to be discovered.

Pulse in the Death Markets will serve as the main social channel for the Geist game.  

Lastly the Twilight Network. There are many tiers to the network, many avenues where information is spread. The internet being the most popular. One of the faces of the Network is Nancy. A Mourner  of the Silent and hacker extraordinary.  Information circulating include new places of haunts. Hunter activities as well as the latest on the Sacrosanct, vampires and corporate fronts, not forgetting the Underworld. To the Sin Eater day to day life becomes that little but easier with the Network watching their backs.
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A Dark Future For Sin Eaters
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