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 Climate Across America

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PostSubject: Climate Across America   Climate Across America I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2014 4:41 am

North America has become wetter, especially in the winter and spring. Southern areas, especially in the West, have to become drier.

Heavy precipitation has become more frequent. Heavy downpours currently occur about once every 15 years instead of the every 20 years of the past. More precipitation causes more rain fall rather than snow, particularly the more north you go. Due to the average temperature across the states having increased by at least 11 degrees F.

The intensity of Atlantic hurricanes have increased as the ocean warmed. Climate models project that for each 1.8°F increase in tropical sea surface temperatures the rainfall rates of hurricanes have increase by 6-18% and the wind speeds of the strongest hurricanes have increase by about 1-8%.

Cold-season storm tracks have shifted northward. The strongest cold-season storms have become stronger and more frequent.

The Increased temperatures have expanded deserts, the intense heat making them inhabitable and dangerous to cross.
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Climate Across America
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