New Babylon: New World of Darkness

This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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Cosmetic Cyberware Implants

Cyberware implants classed as cosmetic have a primarily aesthetic function (rather than enhancement). They follow the standard rules for cyberware implantation. Breast Implants: Popular with celebrities, wanna-bes, sex workers, and the transgendered, breast implants combine a special synthetic skin and inflatable reservoirs of pressurized gel that enable the recipient to alter the size and shape of their breasts. While most clients choose a natural skin for their breasts, cyber breasts with fur, scales or even completely artificial textures are popular in certain fetish scenes.

Fang: Enhancement 1

Implants: Fang implants are enlarged teeth, anchored for support and sharpened for penetration. They are available in a wide variety of forms, most commonly canine or “vampire” fangs, They can make a bite lethal.

Horn Implants: Enhancement 1

Horn implants come in a wide variety of forms and sizes, from small devil horns or goat horns to larger troll and bull horns or even demon “spikes” implanted on the user’s shoulders or back. While most horns come in pairs of two, there are also some kinds of horns that are implanted as single horns, like unicorn or rhinoceros horns. Horn implants are available either as fixed implants or in retractable versions. Horns may be used in melee combat, and grant 1L to damage.

Cybergland: Enhancement 1

Technically a misnomer, a cybergland is more of an implanted reservoir/auto-injector than an artificial gland. Cyberglands are embedded within other cyber implants such as cyberlimbs, dermal sheathing, dermal plating, or sexual implants to release fluids and/or scents. They are useful in helping disguise cosmetic cyberlimbs by allowing them to sweat or smell, but can potentially be used for a variety of functions such as giving your synthskin a strawberry flavor, producing a toxin from your cyberbreasts, or coating a retractable spur with snake venom. If implanted with a weapon, the user may have the cybergland coat the weapon’s surface with the contained compound when it is extracted or fired. If the coated weapon is a melee weapon, the dose is considered spent after the first successful strike. The cybergland reservoir must be refilled through a concealed external port. Each cybergland can only store and release one compound and must be embedded within another appropriate cyberware implant.


Datajack: Enhancement 1 (2 for wireless)

A datajack allows a user to directly interface with any electronic device via a fiberoptic cable. Datajacks also allow users to slot and mentally access chips, Datajacks equipped with their own memory storage for downloading or saving files. Two datajack users can string a fiberoptic cable between themselves to conduct a private mental communication immune to radio interception/eavesdropping.

Olfactory Booster: Enhancement 2

Known on the street as a “sniffer,” “cybernose,” or “cybersnout,” the olfactory booster enhances, identifies, and records smells (and can play them back later). This opens a completely new world of sensual information for the user, because smell carries much more information than a normal human nose would ever be able to pick up—for example, many diseases can be identified by smell, and a human body unconsciously produces odors corresponding to emotions (joy, fear, anger, etc.). Further, the olfactory booster can continuously analyze the composition of air and set off an alarm if it picks up traces of explosives, ammunition propellant, or various substances used in biological and chemical warfare. A cut-off function allows the user to completely ignore intense odors. +2 dice to Perception Tests and Tests involving smells.

Taste Booster: Enhancement 1

The taste booster performs the same function as the olfactory booster (see above), except that it enhances the user’s tastebuds. The taste booster also allows the user to experience taste sensations in AR situations that are programmed for taste. +2 dice to Perception Tests and Tests involving tastes.

Tooth Compartment: Enhancement 1

These hollow teeth come in storage and breakable models. The storage model is used to smuggle contraband and micro-size items. The breakable model triggers a linked effect (such as starting a tracking signal or releasing poison) when the user bites hard on the tooth.

Ultrasound Sensor: Enhancement 2

This implant enhances the subject’s vocal organs. She can speak with an increased volume of up to 100 decibels without exhaustion, or shift her pitch to create perfect bird calls, mellifluous singing, and uncanny vocal impressions. The modulator can also play back a recorded sound.

Attention Coprocessor: Enhancement 1-4

While hardware that allows true multi-tasking is still out of reach, this frontal cortex and limbic system implant enhances the brain’s ability to scan sensory input outside of the person’s primary mental focus. This boosts the character’s continuous partial attention—the overall awareness of several ongoing things at once, and the ability to shift concentration to what’s most important without losing track of what’s happening in the background. In game terms, the attention coprocessor adds its rating as a dice pool modifier to Perception Tests

Encephalon: Enhancement 1

This expert-system microprocessor is hardwired directly into the user’s cortex, augmenting its user’s information-processing abilities and taking over minor and redundant “background” processes, enabling the user to concentrate on more important cognitive tasks. Give the User the Emotional Detatchment Merit.

Math SPU: Enhancement 1

This cranial subprocessor unit (SPU) amplifies the user’s mathematical abilities by enhancing his ability to run mathematical calculations as background processes. As a side benefit, the subprocessor may also function as a stopwatch, alarm clock, and extremely accurate chronometer. A math SPU gives the character the Area of Expertise merit in regards to mathematical rolls.

Radar Sensor: Enhancement 3

This device emits ultrawideband and terahertz radar in short stepped-frequency pulses. An expert system analyzes the Doppler shift in the bounced signals and converts the information into a three-dimensional “map” that overlays (or replaces) the user’s visual senses, similar in some ways to ultrasound. The advantage to the radar sensor is that it can “see” through walls and other materials, which appear as translucent. This system is excellent for detecting motion (even as slight as breathing), calculating exact distances, and allowing the character to visualize floor plans, locations of people, and placement of materials like weapons. It is unaffected by visual tricks like camouflage and Invisibility powers (such as Obfuscate). It is unable to ascertain colors, lighting, or other visual features.

Voice Mask: Enhancement 1
this implant creates a resonating frequency that totally distorts the user’s voice and makes it completely unrecognizable and unusable for any kind of voice identification.


Cyberears: Enhancement 1

These implants usually just replace the inner ear (though sometimes the auricle as well, if the user desires), and offer perfect hearing within normal ranges. They include a sound link and an ear recording unit as well as capacity for various enhancement systems.

Balance Augmenter: Enhancement 1

The balance augmenter enhances the inner ear’s natural balance mechanism. The user receives a +2 dice modifer on rolls related to footing and balance.

Damper: Enhancement 1

This implant protects the user from sudden increases in sound as well as damaging sound levels. The damper adds a +2 dice pool modifier to resisting sonic attacks.

Ear Recording Unit: Enhancement 1

The ear recording unit connects to the user’s auditory nerves and records all data directly into unlimited data storage.

Select Sound Filter: Enhancement 1

Emotional Detachment Merit and a +2 Perception based on Sound.

Sound Link: Enhancement 1

The sound link plays audio (recordings, movie soundtracks, music, etc. ) from linked sources directly into the user’s (cyber)ears. Commonly used for VR sound.

Increased Sensitivity: Enhancement 3

This modification allows the user to hear sounds outside the range of normal human hearing. The user can hear both ultrasonic, high-frequency sounds (including ultrasound emitters) and infrasonic, low-frequency noises. If combined with a voice modulator or vocal range enhancement bioware, the user can clandestinely talk in a frequency too high or low for others to hear. The user can control what frequency ranges he listens to, turning them “on” and “off” at will.

Eye Ware

Cybereyes: Enhancement 1

Likely the most common cyberware. Once designed to help the blind, the cybereyes of today allow for even better vision than the original equipment it’s not uncommon for anyone who can afford it to exchange perfectly functioning natural eyes with cybernetic replacements. Cybereyes can be purchased in any shape or color the user desires from perfectly natural seeming to the most outrageous of ocular designs. Color and patterns are easily altered by downloading a new skin. For those who don’t want to go for the full switch, many cybereye features are offered as non-replacement retinal modifications to the natural eyes. For both replacements and retinal mods, upgrades usually involve both eyes so the user’s vision is not unbalanced.

Eye Recording Unit: Enhancement 1

The eye recording unit connects to the user’s optical nerves and records all data directly into attached storage.
Low-Light Vision: This accessory allows the user to see normally in light levels as low as starlight. Total darkness still renders the user as blind as an unmodified person.

Protective Covers: Enhancement 1

These can protect both cyber and normal eyes, and confer both Ballistic and Impact armor bonuses of +2 to the eye area. Available in transparent or one-way reflective versions.

Retinal Duplication: Enhancement 1

Can be loaded with a recording of someone else’s retina to create an almost perfect reproduction. Make an Opposed Test between the retinal duplication rating and the retinal scanner rating

Vision Enhancement: Enhancement 1

+ 2 Perception to Vision based Tests.

Vision Magnification: Enhancement 1

Can see double the normal distance.

Eye Light System: Enhancement 1

The eye light system consists of tiny but high-powered low-heat lights in the character’s cybereyes that channel a tight, polarized beam outward along a path parallel to the optical center of the eyes. An eye light system illuminates a small area the character is looking at with a dim light (enough to illuminate about half a page of paper or to work within an electronic device or a control box). It also enables a character with low-light vision to see up to a distance of 25 meters even in total darkness. The tight beam and polarization minimize the beam’s scatter, so the light can’t be seen unless the user is staring directly at another person or this person is able to see the small spot illuminated by the eye light system.

Microscopic Vision: Enhancements 2

The microscopic vision subsystem functions as an implanted microscope, using tiny optical lenses to magnify the image of small objects near the user’s eyes. The magnification factor of the microscopic vision may be continuously adjusted to magnify objects up to 1,000 times their normal size. A character with microscopic vision. To magnify an object, it should be within 15 centimetres of the character’s eyes and the character should be able to steady his head (resting it upon his arm, leaning it against a wall or using a small support for his chin and forehead to prevent his vision from blurring.

Body Ware

Blood Circuit Control System: Enhancements 2

This system of micro sensors, vents, and iris diaphragms surveys the pressure in the user’s blood vessels and reduces or completely shuts down the blood supply to injured or traumatized body parts, preventing massive blood loss. Any time the user suffers Lethal damage, that damage is instantly reduced by 1 box to a minimum damage of 1 per attack. Can not be combined with Platelet Factory.

Cyberfins: Enhancements 1

Cyberfins consist of retractable semi-rigid fins and webbing implanted in the hands and feet. When extended, they allow the user to swim as if using ordinary swimming fins. Characters using cyberfins swim at double their swim rate and receive a +2 dice pool modifier for all tests involving swimming. Cyberfins are not compatible with standard swim fins or any type of gloves.

Dermal Sheath: Enhances 2 per rating

While dermal plating bonds hard plastic and metal fiber plates to the user’s skin, dermal sheathing weaves a smooth, semi-synthetic coating into the user’s epidermis, resulting in sleeker and less bulky protection. A dermal sheath is available in three levels of protection. Rating 1 covers the user’s upper torso and confers a +1 armor versus bashing damage. Rating 2 covers the torso, groin, and thighs and confers +2 to armor versus bashing. Rating 3 covers the user’s entire skin and confers +3 to armor versus bashing damage. Dermal Sheaths can be stylized for surface texture and color just like dermal plating Additionally some dermal sheaths use a technology derived from ruthenium polymers, allowing the sheath to change across a wide array of colors through a low-level electric charge. A Rating 3 dermal sheath may also be further modified by adding an expert sensor suite that scans and replicates the surroundings to function if the user does not wear clothes or other armor. Dermal sheaths are incompatible with orthoskin, dermal plating, and smart skin augmentations.

Dermal Plating: Enhances 3 per rating

Dermal plating consists of hard plastic and metal fiber plates bonded to the user’s skin. The plates are clearly visible and can be stylized for surface texture and color. Dermal plating confers a bonus to soaking damage equal to its rating +1 (rating 1 = 2, 2=3, 3=4). Dermal plating cannot be combined with orthoskin.

Grip Feet: Enhancements 1

Sometimes known as monkey paws, these implants are quite popular with orbital jacks and augmented climbers of all types. Commonly built into cyberfeet, they are also available as a modification to natural feet, with some more extensive restructuring. Grip feet are adapted with extendible and articulated toes and the soles are treated with rubberized material that increases traction. Toe length is extended to allow them to curl around a 5 centimetre bar. This implant grants the recipient a +2 dice pool bonus on Athletics Tests when barefoot, as well as any movement tests in microgravity.

Move-by-Wire System: Enhancements 5

Move-by-wire-systems are the cutting- edge in motion control and reaction augmentation. They operate by putting the user’s body in a constant state of seizure, so that it wishes to move in all directions simultaneously. An implanted expert system monitors the seizure and counteracts its effects until the user wishes to act. At that point, it channels the effects of the seizure along the desired path of motion, enabling the user to act with amazing speed and move with unnatural smoothness. The move-by-wire-system is based on similar systems used in aircraft, drone, and vehicle control and has proven to be highly effective—if sometimes debilitating to biological subjects. Move-by-wire users frequently suffer from slight, but uncontrollable, muscle tremors in certain muscle groups when they are at rest, mostly due to errors in the system’s seizure compensation.

The move-by-wire system confers a bonus of +2 initiative, +1 to the character’s Defense rating, and +3 to speed.

OXSYS Cybergill: Enhancements 3

The OXSYS cybergill draws in water and filters out oxygen through forced osmosis, allowing users to breathe underwater. Carbon dioxide and water gases are absorbed into the water through reverse osmosis and expelled. Unlike the external version, the oxygen is delivered via solution directly into the bloodstream, averting the danger of oxygen toxicity. The gills are implanted on both sides of the neck adjacent to the thyroid gland. A cut-off valve must also be installed in the lower trachea to prevent lung action during operation, and pulmonary bypasses must be inserted in the heart to reroute blood flowing toward the lungs up into the gills. Divers using cybergills are immune to oxygen toxicity, but they remain vulnerable to nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness from the residual amount of nitrogen. As a matter of common practice, divers who choose cybergill implantation also commonly install an internal air tank containing pure helium that they use to flush residual nitrogen from their lungs. Cybergills allow a user to stay underwater indefinitely.

Retractable Climbing Claws: Enhancements 1

Similar to retractable hand razors, these claws are short and hooked, and their bone attachment is reinforced. They extend from the finger tips and assist in climbing, giving the user a +2 dice pool bonus for Athletics test involving climbing. If used as weapons, climbing claws deal 1L Damage.

Internal Air Tank: Enhancements 1

The internal air tank replaces part of one lung with a pressurized internal air reserve that allows the user to hold her breath for up to 2 hours. This allows extended underwater operations as well as protection from inhalation- vector toxins assuming the user holds her breath). Refilling the air tank (through an intake valve located under the ribcage) takes 5 minutes.

Wired Reflexes: Enhancements 4 per rating

This highly invasive operation implants a multitude of neural boosters and adrenalin stimulator in strategic locations all over the body, catapulting the patient into a whole new world where everything around her seems to move in slow motion. The system includes a trigger to turn the wired reflexes on and off (taking a Free Action). When activated, wired reflexes confer a bonus of +2 to initiative and +1 to Defense per point of rating to a max of 3. Wired reflexes cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative or movement enhancing augmentation.

Hand razors: Enhancement 3

2.5-centimetre, chromed steel or carbon fiber blades that replace the user’s fingernails or slide out from beneath synthetic nail replacements. Damage 1 Lethal.

Hand blades: Enhancement 4

Slip out of the side of the hand opposite the thumb, parallel to the hand. Spurs consist of a variable number of blades protruding from the user’s wrist or knuckles. The shock hand features shock pads built into the knuckles or palm of the hand—these inflict a nasty shock to anything they are in contact with when activated. Damage 2 Lethal.

Shock hands: Enhancement 3

deal Electricity damage and have 10 charges (each); when plugged in they recharge at a rate of one charge per 10 seconds

Raptor Claws: Enhancement 5

Resembling the Hand Blades enhancement, these blades pop out thinner blades that vibrate at incredible speeds and have the ability to cut through sheet metal. They turn unarmed combat to Aggravated Damage
**Anything the character hits is immediately cut to bits, including the character themselves
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