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This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 Golgotha Industries and the Catholic Church

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Golgotha Industries and the Catholic Church Empty
PostSubject: Golgotha Industries and the Catholic Church   Golgotha Industries and the Catholic Church I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2014 12:41 pm

Golgotha Industries is one of the many organizations tied to the Catholic Church. This corporation has many offices in many countries across the world where the church has sway. Galgotha has a massive support infrastructure and funding to rival most corporations in the developed world.

Public Knowledge
With strong ties in both the communities and business world Golgotha Industries is a leading name in Medical research and development. Outside of business it is much respected for its generosity and support within third world countries as well as the developed. Once a year they organize massive food drives, they buy and distribute 100 ID's to those fortunate enough within the Mega Cities looking for a new life. They also provide ten Scholarships for up and coming scientists/doctors a year. Competition for these are fierce but it all provides a very positive public face for the corporation.

Behind the Scenes.
To those in the know only. The Golgotha Collective as it calls itself has many divisions. All of which watch, research and collect supernatural knowledge's for the church. As one has to know what one may need to destroy. To those deemed to much of a threat they usually try and wipe out with no mercy. They serve as the churches library, its museum and its gulag in some cases. Research covers everything including intensive study and dissection.  Anything and everything is on the agenda.

The Psychic Phenomena
Since before it was bought to public attention Psychics have always been suffering the brunt of the churches intolerance. Heretics, demon worshipers, monsters is what they have preached from the beginning. The church has been a strong advocate in stronger restrictions and control for those outed as Psychics. Behind the scenes the Golgotha Collective uses Psychics, enslaves them to the will of their work or suffer the consequences of being a bastardization of gods plan.

Biological research division. Biological advancements and genetic research. This Division is more on the hush than in the public eye. They map species genomes, Bio-ware, organ replacement and cloning are all tricks for the trade. The Victor Frankenstein's of the company, hidden in secret labs and in the bowls of the complex. This sector is the most insular, only the higher ups of the Collective in general tend to know what is really going on. To everyone else its Top Secret.
Guards: Exchivos control the gulag. A place where species are kept for intensive study. The Guards make sure this place stays safe and hidden.

Cyber research division. Dealing with technological advancements. Though this is one of the smallest sectors as the church does not delve to much into the dirty science as they call it. Though it would be foolish to ignore. Physical security is part of this division and such keeps the rest of it a float. Even the church can not push aside the threat of cyber terrorism.
Grunts: The squads from this division that will hunt in the field.. when it does not involve magic.
Agents: Specialized hit squads.

Paranormal investigations and research division. Revenant are those of the dark science. Most are twisted in some way for being subject to so much that is not the norm. They are the Psychics, the vampires, those who have been foolish enough to be caught in the nets of Golgotha. Brainwashed, controlled and with out hope. Those that are used have nothing left to use. That or they have struck their own dark deal with the church. Again not well known in the public eye. At most they are seen as Religious advisers to keep the corporation on a righteous path.
Faces: A subdivision of the Revenants are called Faces. They are suits, lawyers, accountants. The public image of Galgotha.
Auditors: Internal Affairs, Psychics and Precogs and Telepaths that make sure all are maintain their faith and loyalty. They are feared even from within for their mind control and abilities.
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Golgotha Industries and the Catholic Church
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