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This is the dark future of New World of Darkness. Set in the district of New Babylon. A New frontier within the Mega Cities of 2095. Genre Cyber Punk/Sci-fi Horror.
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 Slang in 2095

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PostSubject: Slang in 2095   Slang in 2095 I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2014 4:39 am

The English language, as usual, goes through a dynamic change as decades pass, specifically in its use of slang. What means something in the North ACG might very well mean something different in the south. For the most part, slang hasn't changed too much, the word 'fuck' for instance is still as universally used and its definition just as all encompassing in 2095 as it was in 2013. Though with the deterioration of modern education, perhaps its even more widely used, and less frowned upon as an actual curse.
Consider most slang in 2013 to be acceptable, if not archaic in some instances, such as the word hacking, or cracking, in computer terminology, or any other slang in instance with Technology, with advancement comes change of course.

Below are a list of new ideals and additions to the world in the last 80 years, and the slang to go with them.

Ace, the: The ACG and its three main bordered zones, North, Central, and Southern in general. Can be further specified to locations, such as "The North Ace" or "South Ace" the Central is further broke down to "The Centrace"

Neby, the: New Babylon

Biz: Business, in this context it means crime, organized or not. "His business is B&E" meaning he's a breaking and entering specialist. Individual acts of crime are "Jobs"

Borgs: Individuals that have been heavily enhanced through Cybernetic implants.

Cats, the: The Catholic Church, having grown so much in the last decades its influence is felt in many levels of society. Individual practitioners are Catty's (female) or Tom Cats (male)

Chipped: Having a subdermal, and authentic, RFID chip

Comm: GCD's or Global Communications Device (Smart Phones) often called Com Links as well.

Corp(s): Mega Corporation

Corp Corpse: Also known as Wage Slaves. Entry level employees of the Corporations, coined such due to the fact they are completely dependent on their income to continue the status of living that corporations push on their employees, leaving consumer drones that work to pay for the things they don't need to survive in the world, such as technology, entertainment, and level of living.

Cred Stick: A small storage device that holds e-currency, used like a credit card.

Deck: A Comm or Computer specifically outfitted to access the Net for the purpose of surfing, pirating, and infiltrating secured databases and networks.

Decker: A hacker

Deck-head: A Deck that is installed into the person's body as cybernetic enhancement, connected to the person's brain to allow them use of the Deck and Comm as an internal device.

Dumped: Involuntarily dropped, or ejected, from the Net

Exec: Corporate Executives, the upper tier of Corporate Leadership

Financial Curtain: The slang for Low Income, Middle Income, and Upper Income individuals. Most Corp Corpses find themselves "riding the curtain" or "makin meets" as in making ends meet

Halo: A social crusader, someone who gives to charities focused on assisting the financially destitute or homeless of the ACG. "She gave me a 20 and told me to get some food, she's my halo"

Harpers: Strong men for the Catholic Church, their version of private security, coined thus due to the religion image of someone sitting on a cloud strumming a harp after they die, which Harpers are known to cause.

Hazchem: Made popular by the use of Hazmat in the late 20th century, the slang is used when Law Enforcement use crowd suppression agents such as tear gas to disperse or control a crowd.

Hunter Killers: Bounty Hunters. Hunter Killers are utilized by Law Enforcement to save their own assets and personnel on either smaller jobs, or especially dangerous ones. Hunter Killers are seen as a mix between rock stars, and psychopathic killers, depending on what side of the Financial Curtain you happen to find yourself.

Ice: A strong synthetic drug growing in popularity, just as addictive as heroin, and the high is higher and purer than heroin. Users exhibit increased physical output and seem to not feel pain, as if on PCP. Take PCP, Heroin, and Steroids, amplified and you have Ice.

Jack: A datajack cybernetic implant that allows one to access the net, or external data storage devices when wireless is not capable. Jacking in is connecting to any of these, as well as smart gun technology, wireless or not.

Lab Rats: Individuals that have been heavily enhanced through Bioware implants

Law: Privatized Law Enforcement Agents, employed and paid by the collective pool of Corps in any given district or region of the ACG. Easily bought off if you have the funds, corrupt, and usually quite immoral on their power trips.

Mercs: Mercenaries, hired by anyone to do anything, they will take jobs from Corps, Gangs, Crime Organizations, or even individuals who can pay their price. They specialize in wet works, and rarely care for Law Enforcement, since many are also employed to be just that.

Mr Smith: An anonymous business contact, usually an Exec that needs something done fast and dirty and doesn't want to risk Corporate funds or assets in doing it.

Riff Raids: A Law tactic where Agents sweep into an area, scan everyone they can for their RFID, those that do not have them are rounded up and either sent to be chipped, without consent usually, or Vanished.

Riffers: RFID Tags

Simms: Simulation Software, software used on the Virtual net to submerse a user into a manufactured fantasy that stimulates the senses. Heavy usage can lead to mental instability, and those addicted to Simms are called Dream Addicts. There are Simms for nearly everything, training, vacationing, sexual desire. A high industry is X-Simm, pornographic Simms

Vanished: When anyone within the ACG is made gone by the Law, or Corps.
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Slang in 2095
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